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Payment Notifications

Each time a payment is completed, a notification is sent to the URL configured for such purposes in the PAYMENTS MODULES.

Payment notifications can have the following two result values:

Result Description
ok Payment was succesfully processed
ko The payment could not be processed correctly or has been left pending.

Reference of parameters that are sent in notifications:
Parameter Type Description
uid numeric Value that identifies the user account
mid numeric Value that identifies the module referenced in the access
country text Country Code (ISO 3166-2)
price numeric Price paid by the user
currency text Payment currency code (example: USD)
code text Payment identification code
email email Mail of the user who paid
result text Transaction Result Value (ok, ko)
ucode text Text defined by user account
type text Payment method used in the transaction
mode text If this parameter is received, the payment was made from the test environment. Only valid value is "debug".